Pattar Sidewall Shingles

Cedar sidewall shingles are highly refined products well known for their beauty, character, durability and insulating properties. Only the best roofing shingles with uniform thickness and smooth sawn faces are selected to be remanufactured into sidewall shingles. These shingles are re-butted and re-jointed which means that the butts are trimmed smooth and square to the edges, which are trimmed straight and parallel, for a tailored and consistent look.

Pattar Cedar Products takes pride in manufacturing some of the best sidewall shingles available in the market. Only the highest grade of cedar satisfies our stringent quality standards. The sidewall shingles are packaged in boxes for easy handling and delivery.

Pattar sidewall shingles are available in natural, primed grey, and primed white. A variety of custom stains are also available and we are able to match our sidewall shingles to any color of your choice.

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    18" Number 1 Grade
Natural or Prime

18" Number 2 Grade
Natural or Prime
    16" Number 1 Grade
Natural or Prime

16" Number 2 Grade
Natural or Prime